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Multi-Omics Research Factory

MORF is an online bioinfomatics resource for storing and exploring complex biological data directly from your browser to produce high quality graphics for reporting and publication

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MORF Database

MORF provides user friendly analysis tools with an intuitive interface, designed for complex experiments with multiple types of omics data.

Through interactive visualisation and images, MORF makes Big Data accessible to all.

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Multi-omics Resource Factory

Omics data is displayed in interactive heatmaps, volcano and PCA plots to illustrate differential expression analysis and easily provide lists of significant target genes. GO enrichment analysis can then be performed on selected target lists.

All omics data is linked back to a strain’s genome, providing a fully integrated and interactive dataset.

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Fermentation Data Upload

MORF facilitates comparison between multiple fermentation data sets, which can be automatically uploaded to a secure project for easy access.

By scheduling data uploads, fermentation parameters can be quality checked in near Real Time and interventions made if needed.

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Working with MORF has enabled our team to rapidly interrogate fermentation datasets at a capability that far exceeded our expectations. From initial discussions over use-cases, building out of templates for input datasets from diverse on- and off-line sources, and iterative feedback on performance, MORF have been excellent partners. We’re now able to quickly compare multiple fermentations down to individual data-points, all using an intuitive online browser – we’re already seeing benefits in optimisation projects and near real time course-correction. Having a ‘non-stats expert’ accessible, online system, means our operators and scientists can quickly access the data without resorting to Excel.

Matt Hodges, Oxford Biotrans

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MORF Bioinformatics service

The MORF bioinformatics service enables users without bioinformatics experience to use Big Data. Our bioinformaticians can take your raw data and create a bespoke project or help you to upload your own data.


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MORF Genome Browser

Our interactive genome browser allows users to explore over 100 microbial genome sequences in circular and linear plots by searching or browsing for genes of interest.


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Metabolic Modelling

Our MORFlux Flux Balance Analysis (FBA) tool combined with Escher-style metabolic maps can be used to simulate changes in metabolism entirely in your web browser.


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